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V-Cube Graphics started handling varies Multimedia Projects in Chennai city since 2010. Multimedia is the most powerful communication technology (method, way, path) involves everywhere in our day-to-day life activities. The incorporation of audio and video with an attractive and conceptual visualization especially interactively is known as Multimedia.

To inform, entertain, and market World Wide, Multimedia Technology Developed in many ways. We separate the usage of multimedia from its delivery mechanisms. The major delivery format of your multimedia presentation include DVD and CD ROM, kiosks, computers, the internet, games and displays. The top uses for multimedia are for presentations, sales and marketing, education and training, and entertainment.

Video Presentation Projects

Hereís how they all come together:

Education and training

A great learning tool, the use of multimedia allows for interactive learning at the users pace. Learning goals can be identified and met before allowing the user to proceed to the next lesson. Training sessions can be transportable on DVD or CD ROM to allow for maximum flexibility.

Sales and Marketing

The use of multimedia at kiosks at trade shows are used to entertain and educate. They can also be programmed with database functions to gather information from participants for future marketing efforts. Businesses design flexible and interactive multimedia presentations to describe their products and services for their sales force as well.


Presentations can be designed so that the presenter can go from one subject to another, based on a client or audienceís interests or feedback. Sometimes a little multimedia eye candy can go a long way towards keeping your audience alert and amused, especially when the content of your presentation is technical.

Displays and Kiosks

Multimedia can also be used in stores to entertain, educate, engage and market to customers. Whether your customers are standing in line waiting to check out, at a trade show or walking or driving on the street, multimedia can be used to engage, motivate and inspire your potential client to make a purchasing decision.
Flash Designing is an exciting technology developed specifically to create media-rich content both online and offline. It enhances the appearance of your message, builds interest in your presentation, and creates a memorable experience for the viewer. With Flash Design, you can create multimedia presentations that are interactive, sound-enabled and exciting to watch. V-Cube Graphics can create Flash presentations for your web site, or on a mini CD-ROM for easy distribution to your market. Over 98% of all internet browsers have the Flash plug-in installed, making it the most widely supported non-standard media-rich internet technology available. We believe that Flash Designing is the future of interactive development and strongly recommend the use of Flash Design where we feel it necessary or useful.

Inveractive Flash Presentation

Online banner advertisements are used by the marketers to promote the company website. Many business owners use the online advertisements to popularize the products and services over the Internet. It plays a crucial role in alluring the attention of the customers towards the product. It is instrumental in generating the interest in the minds of the customers for the organization or its products. These advertisements can effectively promote your business over the Internet. You can make such online promotions mind-gripping and attention grabbing by attractively designing them. For a remarkable design, advertisers make use of flash in these online promotions. Flash is a technology with which you can create visually striking advertisements.
A flash banner is a multimedia animated banner which can be perceived as the forefront of an advertiserís company website. It plays a role of a representative of the products or services of a company. This animated advertisement can be created into multiple output formats with easy to use banner maker tools and ability to fully customize the components or features of an online advertisement.

Flash Advertisement Banners

Flash has become one of the most integral parts of any web development activity. In fact, Flash is now the most commonly used web designing platform thatís been practiced worldwide. What makes Flash have an edge over other platforms like HTML? Frankly, there can never be a single answer for it. Flash has multiple advantages and it can really make a site become popular instantly. The most important thing about Flash website designing is its visual appeal. Our Flash designers are now using Flash for industry-specific custom graphics requirements. As a result of that process, custom Flash website designs have emerged as a specialized Flash activity.
A website signifies one's online existence. The primary motive behind introducing a website is to receive visitors who will be later on transformed as the potential clients. So designing an attractive website becomes a must for all online business. Flash is one such very important element that helps a lot in designing lucrative websites. The software is responsible for accumulating computer graphics and interactivity to the web pages. By interactivity we here mean that it can also indulge the outputs from the users end, with the help of devices like mouse, keyboard and camera. It is majorly used to create multimedia animations, cartoons and lively characteristics to the website. Flash can also include audio video graphics to the web page as well. To be precise it makes a website look more powerful. These websites can further be displayed on a variety of computers with the help of Adobe flash player. It has gained wholesome popularity in India because it help attracts the visitors to the website with the help of striking animations, flash logos and flash banner designs.
Flash is that one element that has put in life to the websites. It has added up the versatility factors to the website. Their excellent animations effect make the website look really live and communicating. Apart from all the qualities, what's the biggest benefit of the flash are that it is compatible with all types of browsers and easily presentable with all sorts of system configuration.
Every business has its own motifs and business goals. Though everyone wants profit maximization at low investment and at low business cost, target audience and customers may be different industry-wise. For example, while an insurance company would love to target those people who are above 30 years who are more prone to diseases, an online gaming portal would try to attract those teenagers who love to explore things in an adventurous way. But for both the two businesses, profit earning is the prime motif.
Websites today are no longer restricted to just texts and pictures. Our Website developers now give more emphasis on adding effective audio and video information. The use of flash animation is in full swing when it comes to website designing or development.

Flash Advertisement Banners

A Flash intro is a piece of animated content displayed at the beginning of a presentation, such as a website, that is specifically prepared using Adobe Systems Flash. Often, the main content is loading in the background, while the animated content is displayed in the foreground. Flash is a popular technology available these days. It is easily catching up the web market. It gives the interesting combination of interactivity and animation to balance a website. Flash intros create excitement for visitors and compel them to stay a little longer on the website. Thus, websites having Flash features are more successful in clinching eyes.

Aftereffects / Flash Intro

V-Cube Graphics is most specialists in making 3 Dimension Graphics and animating them. Each and every thing in this world requires 3D Modeling. To create a Mechanical Machine 3D modeling is require designing the Machine. To make a car and bike and its engines 3D Modeling is require to design top to bottom of its parts. 3D Modeling is requiring for making Video Games, Virtual Tours, Advertisement Films, Cinema Films, and Building Constructions and for so many fields.
We can do all kind of 3D modeling (3 Dimension Graphics);
  1. We have worked for a (Real Estate) Building Construction company to create virtual tour of their proposed building.
  2. we have worked for an advertisement company to design a basketball stadium.
  3. We have done models like Airplane, Van, Fan, Beach, while coaching for few students.
  4. We have done few Cinema films tittle animations for films like X-Ray, Digital Dreams etc.,
  5. We have done for few websites to create logo animations.

Aftereffects / Flash Intro

We bring out our clients branding and their company name to stand out of the crowd we do logo animation for them. We use any kind of animation may be 2D or 3D whichever is applicable to their requirements.

Logo Animation Projects

V-Cube Graphics has experience in working on Visual Effects. The name itself telling that, it is completely used for a Visual. The effects which are created using computer generated Graphics which is imaginary and look very realistic to see also the effects which is unbelievable and impossible to capture in the camera. It is mostly used to make a movie or an advertisement film now a day.
When scenes in a movie like a man landing in the Space or in the Moon, the manís action alone captured in the camera using in front of blue screen would be scene one, then the space scene is created in the computer graphics. When these two scenes or scene like this is composing and matching as a single scene is named as Visual Effects or VFX.

Visual Effects Projects

V-Cube Graphics can perform Audio and Video editing work. The audio in a movie has a big sound support for a Video. The Audio in a movie has so many tracks, When we see a video like a man walking in a forest, it needs so many background music, it should have the footage sound, some birds sounds, some insects sound, some water falls sound and more sounds will be there in the scene, all these will be a separate track and we compose or edit in as a single track using an Audio editing software.
Video editing has taken a main and big part in the cinema industry. There are so many footage was recorded in a camera, and then it was edited by using video editing software. There might have so many tracks in video editing software. Also we can apply some effects in the video while editing in the software. V-Cube Graphics is doing video titling works too.

Audio Video Editing Projects